Clinton Family Gets CHILLING News – It’s Happening

“Clinton Body Count” was Twitter’s top trending term Saturday as news of Jeffrey Epstein’s death broke and apparently revived an old consiracy theory and led to new suspicions about the number of Clinton associates that have died mysteriously.

Many wondered how Epstein could have killed himself while he was supposed to be on suicide watch because of an earlier incident where he was injured in his cell. Quickly, memes began to appear on social media insinuating that the Clintons were responsible for his death.

“Marked safe from being suicided by the Clintons,” one popular graphic read. Another said, “I don’t know anything about the Clintons–Just putting this out there for my own safety.”

The Inquisitr noted that much of the “Clinton Body Count” traffic was driven by bots Saturday, but it has quickly become a running wry joke in light of dozens of Clinton associates that have died suddenly and unexpectedly, starting with Vince Foster in 1993.

The hashtag also trended after reports that Epstein was injured in his cell and put on suicide watch on July 23. He was being held in prison until his trial in the fall on sex trafficking charges that could have implicated many powerful men.

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