Clinton family gets devastating news – they deserve it

You know the Clintons are done for good when even liberals are going after them. For years they’ve gotten away with everything from sexual assault to pay-for-play, from Hillary’s Benghazi and email scandals to the Uranium one scandal.

When the liberal loudmouths on The View are talking bad about Bill, you can see just how much they’ve fallen from grace. That’s just what they did this week, saying that Bill abused his power with Monica Lewinsky, and calling the Clintons a “virus.”

Joy Behar was able to remove the typical foot in her mouth just long enough to call the Clintons a liability to the Democrat Party, which they most certainly are. And Megan McCain responded by saying they were a virus that will continue hurting Democrats in elections, and she wasn’t met by much resistance. I’m glad they’re out of politics for good, but they should probably be behind bars. (Read More…)

Eric Trump defends sister Ivanka from ‘disgusting’ slam by U.S. Olympian

It’s incredible how often the Trumps demonstrate exactly why good, solid families are so important. Just last week, Ivanka was senselessly attacked by Gus Kenworthy, an American Olympic skier. Kenworthy made an unprovoked and remarkably rude comment about Ivanka being at the games, even though she did nothing even remotely political while there.

Her brother Eric wasn’t having it. He tweeted back to Kenworthy, asking if he would have dared to say the same thing to someone in the Obama family. Of course, he wouldn’t have. But this is how liberals operate, isn’t it? Disrespect anyone with whom you disagree, shut them down when they speak, and even use violence when necessary. Good for Eric Trump, and shame on Kenworthy. (Read More…)

Contrary to viral reports, Fox News has not fired Shepard Smith

You may not be particularly happy to read this, but I have to address some fake news. There have been some stories circulating on conservative news sites lately claiming that Shepard Smith from Fox News has been fired. These reports are false. Smith has a nasty habit of providing one-sided commentary on the only network that conservatives can go to for good news and opinion.

After the Parkland shooting, he went off on a tirade, listing “school shootings” that weren’t even shootings. And a few months ago he entirely dismissed the Uranium One scandal even though there was plenty to investigate.

Shep is still at Fox News and there’s no indication that he will be out anytime soon, but if he’s going to stay he really needs to start looking honestly at both sides of important stories. The last thing we need is more fake news. (Read More…)

Bill Cosby’s daughter passes away at age 44

Bill Cosby is no one’s favorite person. The accusations of sexual harassment and assault made against him, which sound very credible, have turned him from American hero into a monster. That said, the Cosby family isn’t all Bill, and they’ve just experienced a genuine tragedy.

Bill’s daughter, Ensa just passed away at the tragically young age of 44 due to some kidney-related medical complications. No matter who her father is, she deserves our thoughts and prayers. It’s terrible every time someone is taken so young, and the Cosby family has certainly had a tough few years. I hope they can make it through this rough period. (Read More…)

Report: FBI had disturbing history of sexual misconduct under James Comey

Just when I think James Comey couldn’t get any worse, he manages to prove me wrong – again. It turns out that Comey presided over a period of very troubling sexual misconduct at the FBI. We all know about Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, and how they cheated on their spouses while exonerating Hillary and subverting President Trump. But that’s not all that was rotten at the FBI.

Under Comey’s watch, at least 14 women were the victims of sexual misconduct in the FBI since 2014. And there were likely quite a few additional cases that weren’t reported on because of the restrictions on the investigative report into this story. Unsurprisingly, the FBI is trying to cover up even more of its mistakes. It’s up to us to make sure that they don’t succeed. (Read More…)

Carrie Underwood hides possible facial scars in new photo

In November of last year, Carrie Underwood took a serious fall and badly cut her face, requiring about 50 stitches. That must have been terrifying and absolutely terrible to go through. Thankfully, she was able to receive medical attention quickly and she’s been recovering over the last few months. Underwood has been shy about posting pictures on social media, which she used to do pretty regularly.

In a recent photo on Instagram, Carrie and her husband demonstrated their commitment to the #EnditMovement (which seeks to end modern-day slavery). Underwood can be seen hiding her face behind a red “X.” The X is the symbol for the movement, but it likely also functioned as a means of hiding the scarring from her stitches.

Underwood is very talented, and she seems like a genuine, nice person. The sooner she can return to feeling comfortable in her own skin the better. I wish her well. (Read More…)

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