Clinton Family DEVASTATED – Criminal Discovery…

Devastating new details have arisen in the saga that is the Clinton corruption story.

A lawyer with ties to the Clintons is suspected of leaking during the Hillary email probe. This raises even more questions about the level of corruption within the Clinton family.

A new report implicates the lawyer — suggesting that he leaked information to the media. Apparently, this has raised the eyebrows of top Republicans — who received a letter with some of the answers.

This knowledge even reached disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok, who seemed “indifferent” about leaking concerns, according to the report.

Leaking classified information is a serious offense and could result in jail time. But we know that the FBI played loose and fast with that sort of thing during the Obama years and under Comey’s time leading the FBI.

The Clintons may very well go down as the most corrupt political figures in American history. Only time will tell if they ever pay for what they’ve done in a court of law.

Read the full letter to the Senate committee here.

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