Clinton EXTORTION Discovery… Her Career Is Over

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton really needs to disappear from politics. She is only solidifying her place as one of the most corrupt politicians in history.

Clinton decided to weigh in on the lastest impeachment hysteria by saying President Trump has turned U.S. foreign policy into a “cheap extortion racket.”

That claim is almost hilariously ironic. Clinton could write a book on how to use foreign policy to get fabulously wealthy.

Most telling of all was when Clinton lost the election to Trump. After her defeat, donations to the Clinton foundation dried up.

The Clinton Foundation was nothing more than a pay to play racket. Pay to the foundation to get favors from the Secretary of State and a future president? It was an extremely profitable venture.

Hillary Clinton abused her power for years and nothing was said about it. For her to accuse Trump of the very thing she did for years is both hilarious and despicable. Hillary Clinton should really watch what she says – there are many who still want her behind bars.

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