Clinton BOMBSHELL – FBI Called In…

For years, we have known that Hillary Clinton did not properly handle her email server and as a result, her emails wound up in the hands of her political enemies. We’ve also suspected for a while now that Secretary Clinton tried to cover the whole thing up by having her server wiped clean.

But now new evidence has surfaced, suggesting the scandal goes even deeper: all the way to the Justice Department. Apparently, the FBI was warned about the security of Hillary’s email server but the FBI was “indifferent” and didn’t do anything about it.

This is especially alarming since foreign governments no doubt wanted to get their hands on her confidential communications, including things that could affect U.S. national security.

The FBI should be trying to protect Americans. But at least in this case, the FBI has seemed more interested in protecting the careers of Democrat criminals than protecting the American people from whatever should come from a top official’s email being hacked.

This calls into question why the FBI made the decision not to prosecute Hillary under James Comey. It also makes us question why Donald Trump was not briefed about threats to his campaign from foreign powers and governments.

It’s now clear that Attorney General Bill Barr has a lot of cleaning up to do at DOJ. He seems to be well on his way to restoring trust at the Department.

Watch the full report here.

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