Bill Clinton Attacks Trump.

Former president Bill Clinton appeared on Conan Wednesday, and in the course of a rambling conversation with host Conan O’Brien, accepted (with a little prompting) a comparison of the Trump administration to the dictators of the modern world.

Clinton said: “The Dictator’s Club of the World … want to abolish the line between fact and fiction, truth and lies.” “Are you talking about foreign countries now or here?” O’Brien interjected, providing the opening to bring Trump into the discussion. “That chilled me to the bone for a second,” O’Brien continued. “I thought we were in Korea.” Clinton didn’t answer but smirked. “You just said a lot by saying nothing,” O’Brien claimed.

We wish he’d say nothing more often. Of course, O’Brien and Clinton’s absurd slanders only serve to demonstrate the huge disconnect between the media-political complex and the rest of America. Bill Clinton used to have the reputation as a good communicator. What happened? (Read More…)

Report: Hillary Clinton tried to pay for second Trump dossier.

Ed Klein, the former editor of the New York Times and author of multiple books exposing the Clintons, claims Hillary Clinton and her aides are secretly negotiating with former British spy Christopher Steele, the author of the original Russian dossier, to obtain a second set of documents against Trump.

Sources say that the second dossier contains evidence, real or fabricated, that Trump had “romantic involvements with Russian women,” many of whom were connected to the Moscow’s spy agencies.

According to Klein, Bill Clinton is advising Hillary against cloak and dagger schemes, warning it could “blow up in [her] face.” but she seems hellbent on releasing the info, false or not. It’s going to be an interesting year. (Read More…)

New book reveals Frank Sinatra’s heartbreaking last days.

Frank Sinatra’s former manager, Eliot Weisman, just released a new memoir called “The Way It Was,” and his account of Sinatra’s later years paints a heartbreaking picture.

Weisman portrays the aged entertainer as paranoid, surrounded by self-interested family members, and under the influence of a powerful and potentially harmful antidepressant.

Although his last days prove that fame is no shield against age, Sinatra will always be one of the all-time greats. He’ll live on through his music. (Watch Here…)

Rand Paul suggests “landscaping dispute” was not motive for assault.

The mainstream media reports on the assault of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul — which stated that he and his Democrat neighbor Rene Boucher had a dispute over property landscaping — appear to be false.

Paul himself tweeted out reports from multiple news outlets that cited neighbors saying that the assault had nothing to do with any “landscaping feud” between the neighbors.

While no official motive has been released, it’s hard to ignore Boucher’s extreme leftist views as a possible cause. Political tensions are high in the United States, but that’s no excuse for violence. We wish Paul a speedy recovery. (Read More…)

Rep. Lawrence suspends chief of staff over harassment claims.

The office of Democrat congresswoman Brenda Lawrence of Michigan confirmed Tuesday that her chief of staff, Dwayne Duron Marshall, has been suspended pending a sexual harassment investigation after four female coworkers reported Marshall’s inappropriate behavior.

The Harvey Weinstein ripple effect has reached the Washington swamp. Now it’s time to drain it. (Read More…)

Sebastian Gorka returns to Fox News

Former Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka confirmed on Wednesday that he will be returning to Fox News as a contributor. Gorka is a major Donald Trump supporter and unabashed defender of Western Civilization.

Gorka explained his choice to return to Fox News, “Fox doesn’t generate propaganda. Those outlets [other networks] do…They speak truthfully about this administration, unlike everybody else.”

Fox News will be the better for his presence. (Read More…)

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