Clinton Aide Attended Dead Man’s Party… [DEVELOPING]

A high-level aide to former President Bill Clinton attended a dead man’s party. This is a developing story, but what was just confirmed is stunning.

ABC anchor George Stephanopolous — who served as communications director for the Clinton White House — reportedly attended an elite party hosted by deceased billionaire Jeffrey Epstein back in 2010.

The Clintons have tried desperately to distance themselves from Epstein, however, yet another connection has emerged. What was Stephanopoulos, a longtime Clinton insider, doing at Epstein’s party?

As far as we know, he was just brushing shoulders with the political and Hollywood elite — including journalists, directors, and actors. But there’s more than a high-society party connecting the Clintons and Epstein.

It wasn’t long ago that the news broke about Bill Clinton showing up on Epstein’s private plane multiple times, according to a previous report. Then there’s the odd fascination that Epstein had with Clinton himself.

Epstein reportedly “had a painting in his Manhattan home of Clinton wearing a blue dress and red heels,” which featured the former president “in the Oval Office and sitting in a chair with his legs crossed and hanging over one of the armrests.”

Read the full story here.

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