Chuck Schumer’s secret exposed in resurfaced viral video

Ever since President Trump mentioned that he would like to explore the idea of having a military parade in Washington D.C., the Left has, once again, completely lost its collective mind. Every possible slur from “fascist” to “dictator” has been leveled at the president. Meanwhile, liberals are pretending to be concerned with the cost of a parade. Really? Now the left is worried about wasteful government spending? Or do they just hate Trump?

Just listening to the hysterical accusations, you might be deceived into thinking that the idea of a military parade is unprecedented, but it’s not. In fact, Democrat icons like FDR and JFK held their own military parades. And more recently, in 2014, Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer attempted to get one off the ground.

There is, of course, nothing wrong with Schumer’s interest in throwing the parade. It’s the hypocrisy of other Democrats in going after Trump that is just completely absurd. It never ends with leftists. (Read More…)

Senior White House official resigns after being accused of beating previous wives

Rob Porter was considered one of President Trump’s most trusted and competent personal advisors. Porter resigned Wednesday amid accusations from one of his ex-wives, Jennifer Willoughby, that he physically and mentally abused her.

It got worse for Porter when another one of his ex-wives, Colbie Holderness, said she had similar experiences while married to Porter. The details of the abuse are disturbing, and it’s best for all that Porter stepped down. Hopefully, the victims of the alleged abuse are able to recover fully and receive the support they need. (Read More…)

FBI informant: Moscow routed millions to Clinton political machine

This is looking really bad for Bill and Hillary Clinton. An FBI informant testified before Congress on Wednesday saying that he has personal knowledge of Russian money that was funneled to the Clintons “charity” organizations. And why was this money given to the Clintons? It was a pay-for-play scheme, of course.

Specifically, the Russians hoped to leverage Hillary’s influence as Secretary of State in the Obama administration to get a uranium deal quietly passed through government agencies. That’s right, the Uranium One scandal has an informant. In a just universe, this would be the end of the Clintons entirely. But they’ve gone unpunished for so long, so I’ll keep my expectations low. (Read More…)

Republican state senator Jeff Kruse resigns after allegations from two women

Oregon State Senator Jeff Kruse announced his resignation this week after allegations of sexual misconduct were made against him by two women who worked with him at the Oregon State Capitol. Those two and other staffers say that Kruse subjected them to awkwardly long hugs and groped them, on top of creating a generally hostile and uncomfortable work environment.

Kruse has denied the allegations. The investigation into his conduct turned up multiple unnamed sources who confirmed that the allegations match what they’ve seen of his behavior. Not a good look for the senator. At least he did the right thing and resigned. (Read More…)

DOJ official who helped oversee the Clinton email investigation resigns abruptly

There’s been a rash of agents and attorneys who have resigned from the FBI and DOJ in recent months. A rather unknown but important figure has just announced his exit from the DOJ. David Laufman, who presided over Hillary’s email investigation, has announced that he’ll be resigning “for personal reasons.”

That’s a bit suspect, given the circumstances. Many believe that the DOJ will come out looking particularly terrible as details from congressional investigations are revealed. The FBI is at fault too, but they were not the ones ultimately responsible for determining whether Clinton breached protocol and should be indicted. Perhaps Laufman played a crucial role, along with Loretta Lynch, in determining Hillary’s fate. (Read More…)

White House reveals plans to lower drug prices – seniors will benefit

President Trump’s White House just released a plan to lower prescription drug prices. The plan will benefit seniors who require large quantities of increasingly expensive medications and will force pharmaceutical companies to adhere to the spirit of the regulations that are made to allow the creation of generic drugs at a lower price point for consumers.

For many seniors, this would create huge savings. And, of course, this is true for the programs, such as Medicare, which support their healthcare needs. American taxpayers, in general, will benefit. It’s a win-win. (Read More…)

Should you ‘buy the dip’ in stocks?

If you’ve been watching the stock market lately, you’ve probably heard someone say something like “buy the dip.” This saying is similar to a lot of other common pieces of investment advice; it sounds great but it’s actually dangerous.

Instead of taking a gamble on timing the dip, check out this article I wrote yesterday about why you should ignore common sayings like this. I’ll also show you how to use a strategy that can really help you get better returns than the so-called financial “gurus.” (Read More…)

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