Chuck Schumer Gives Up – He Backed Down Quickly

Congressional Democrats have made a national minimum wage a priority, calling for a $15 minimum and attacking Republicans as “anti-worker.” But apparently, their leader, Chuck Schumer, wasn’t interested in practicing what he preaches.

Schumer’s office briefly advertised for an unpaid intern, before quickly throwing up a white flag. The Washington Times reports:

At a time when Democrats are demanding higher pay for low-wage workers, Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer appeared to wrong-foot himself when his office advertised a job opening for an unpaid internship.

His staff quickly issued a statement saying that was an error and the position would be paid.

The fast reversal underscored the new reality on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers earlier this year created a new $14 million fund in its budget to finally pay interns.

The move underscores the habitual hypocrisy of Democratic politicians who are happy to take advantage of young people’s free labor – until they’re called out.


Read the full story here.

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