Chuck And Nancy Caught Red-Handed – This Is Collusion

From the very beginning of the government shutdown crisis, it was very clear that Democrats were unwilling to bargain in good faith.

Instead of being open to considering proposals on an individual level, and carrying out their individual functions as leaders of the Democrats in the House and Senate, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have adopted a robotic, intractable stance of refusing to compromise, negotiate or even consider the other side of the question.

It’s almost like they’re getting their talking points from the same source. Indeed, that’s what they were caught doing on the night of the 24th, when Pelosi and Schumer both tweeted an identical set of tweets on Twitter.

It’s an embarrassing gaffe and it tells us two things about Chuck and Nancy. 1) They aren’t thinking or speaking for themselves and 2) they care more about talking points than real solutions.

Read the full story here.

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