Chris Christie makes shocking claim

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie really seems to be going off the deep end lately. Christie’s time as governor has been full of turbulence, and even scandal. “Bridge Gate,” for instance, exposed his vindictive character. He decided to instruct state workers to create an enormous traffic problem around Fort Lee because the city’s mayor didn’t support Christie’s 2013 gubernatorial bid. In effect, everyone was forced to sit in traffic so Christie can feel like he got one over on a mayor? That’s ridiculous.

This isn’t like Trump’s punching back on Twitter, it’s a genuine inconvenience suffered by state residents for reasons entirely personal to Christie. That seems like some pretty entitled behavior, and now there’s more. In a recent interview with, Christie said that he “absolutely” would have won in a general election if it weren’t for Trump. Or in other words, Trump ruined Christie’s chance to be president.

Trump can’t help that the people chose him as their nominee. Perhaps if Christie had spent less time being vindictive, and more time governing well and not attacking other conservatives, he would have been successful. You need to get over yourself, Governor. (Read More…)

Beloved ‘Coach’ TV actor Jerry Van Dyke has passed away at 86

Very sad news; Jerry Van Dyke, who played Luther on the TV show Coach just passed away. Van Dyke was a fixture in the industry for years, beginning his career as a stand-up comedian and later transitioning into acting. He even joined the U.S. Air force in the 50’s during the Korean War, demonstrating his patriotism and willingness to sacrifice and serve.

When he arrived back home, he took part in his brother’s The Dick Van Dyke Show, and made his television debut there.  His career in acting was long and varied, and of course, very successful. He seemed to live a very fulfilling life, and it’s a fair bet that a lot of people in Hollywood today could learn something from his unassuming style. Rest in peace, Jerry.  (Read More…)

Woman offers $20,000 for assassination hit on Donald Trump

Is it just me or are the Trump death threats becoming a weekly occurrence? Some woman named Andrea Hudson apparently made a public offer of $20,000 to assassinate President Trump. The folks over at Project Veritas saw the tweet and brought it to the attention of social media.

Twitter, in a rare show of consistency, deleted the post, but not before her tweet was documented. Hopefully, the relevant authorities will deal with Hudson appropriately. You can’t go around threatening someone’s life because you disagree with them, that’s not how the United States works. But I’d never accuse liberals of understanding the values of their own country. (Read More…)

Democrat state senator indicted for taking cash in corruption scandal

A convicted felon who just happens to be the Democrat Mayor of Bridgeport just announced he’s running for governor in Connecticut. Not to be outdone, a Democrat state Senator named Nathaniel Oaks from Maryland just confessed to taking bribes in order to guarantee positive legislation on behalf of a Texas businessman named Mike Henley.

The bribes were to help Henley with a real estate deal he was supposedly putting together in Oaks’ district. The problem for Oaks was that Henley was actually an FBI agent, and the entire set up was a sting…whoops!

It’s no wonder the FBI was setting up a sting on Sen. Oaks. He was caught decades ago in a scandal where he took money from his political campaign and lied about doing so while under oath. But it’s a blue state, so, of course, he was voted back into office. Maybe it’s time to look for some better candidates, Maryland?  (Read More…)

Viral picture compares Trump, Obama and Clinton net worth – it’s disturbing

Love or hate the Donald, the one thing any rational person has to admit is that he put everything on the line to run for President. This is why so many of the accusations that he didn’t want to win are just astounding. A new picture demonstrates that this is precisely the case for Trump, but it was the opposite for his predecessor, former-President Obama, and his adversary, Hillary Clinton.

What the picture shows is that Trump’s net worth (earned while in the private sector) has actually gone down since he took office; by a staggering $1 billion. This is, presumably, for a variety of reasons relating to anti-Trump activism and him not being directly in charge of his businesses.

At the same time, Obama’s net worth rose from $3,000,000 when he became president, to $40,000,000 today. The Clintons, to no one’s surprise, went from $500,000 when Bill left office to $100,000,000 today.

Those numbers are simply staggering. And how did this happen? Well, for the Clintons it was a combination of their pay for play schemes and other misuses of Hillary’s political authority. For Obama, he was just cashing in on his cult of personality. This is the difference between making sacrifices in public service — and profiting off of it. (Read More…)

Steve Bannon announces he ‘regrets’ critical comments in anti-Trump book

Comprehending the actions of Steve Bannon seems to be beyond anyone’s capacity. He took one of the greatest opportunities to wield influence in the White House and seemingly threw it in the trash.

Ironically, when he criticized the Trump family for their political naivete in Trump Jr.’s taking a meeting with a Russian attorney, he engaged in his own political blunder. He brazenly discredited the President and his family in front of a well-known liberal reporter who is notorious for his smear-based journalism. This reporter, Michael Wolff, just published a rumor-ridden book attempting to “expose” the Trump White House.

In response to Trump commenting that Bannon has “lost his mind,” the Breitbart Chairman effectively stayed silent for days. Only now has he finally responded, saying that he regrets his critical statements. The question is, does anyone care what Bannon thinks anymore? (Read More…)

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