Chris Wallace Shocks The Nation – Fox Viewers Stunned – It’s Over

According to the mainstream media, Chris Wallace is making a name for himself as a fair and consistent inquisitor. Wallace had the guts to go after Russian president Vladimir Putin with some hard-hitting questions.

‘Why is it so many of the people who oppose Vladimir Putin end up dead?’ he asked Vladimir Putin. Of course, this generated worldwide headlines.

The question got an audible gasp from Russians in the room, and rightly so. No one in Putin’s home country stands up to him like that. He must have been furious.

Wallace ended up with an Emmy nomination; the first for Fox, which is hated and discriminated against by others in them mainstream media who hate Fox for their more fair coverage and not giving sweetheart coverage to Democrats.

What Wallace did to Putin was great. But that doesn’t excuse what he does to Trump. His star now rises not on his having gone after Putin, which is why so many of us used to like him. Now, he goes after Trump. And the media fawns, as if there’s some real similarity there.

The media and the far left truly do believe that Trump is some kind of dangerous radical. And Wallace clearly agrees with them. Wallace may have the backing of the media elites, but the rest of us know the truth about him.

Read the full story here.

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