Chris Wallace Is Done… Fox Viewers Shocked

Chris Wallace just shocked viewers and created a nationwide uproar. The liberal host of ‘Fox News Sunday’ is done.

Conducting an interview with Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC), Wallace tried to make Graham look like a hypocrite and it blew up in his face. Tweets before and after the interview show that Wallace has lost all of his support.

Wallace played an old video of Graham calling for then-President Bill Clinton’s impeachment and asked Graham why it was was an “impeachable offense” for Clinton to ignore subpoenas, but it’s fine for Trump to do it.

Graham, not skipping a beat, said that “Mueller is the final word on this for me” and, also bluntly said, “I don’t trust House Democrats to be fair.”

Tweets from rightfully outraged Fox News viewers poured in. One viewer said, “Chris Wallace is such a twit. […] I’ll support this president fighting back!”

Another viewer said that “Chris Wallace is nearly as bad as Sheppard Smith/another BUM,” and yet another one asked, “In all seriousness, isn’t it time to move Chris Wallace to CNN?!”

See the full story here.

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