Chris Wallace Gives Notice… Shock Career Decision

Chris Wallace is fearless about critiquing public figures, no matter the threat to his career. After what Wallace had to say about James Comey, he likely won’t find employment outside of Fox News.

That’s a good thing – the powerful are the ones who need the most scrutiny. James Comey is part of that powerful elite who needs to be held accountable.

Comey was recently shown to have violated FBI standards on handling classified information. But instead of apologizing, Comey seems to think he did nothing wrong.

Comey’s response was what prompted Wallace to say “There’s a sanctimony, a self-righteousness about James Comey that is disturbing.”

While Comey may claim he committed no crime, he still violated standards that he thinks don’t apply to him.

Any FBI agent who mishandled classified intel and violates standards would face consequences. But Comey seems to think he is above consequences. Wallace was right to call him out for this.

Read the full story here.

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