BREAKING: Hunter Biden’s Chinese Secret EXPLODES – Evidence Overwhelming…

Hunter Biden. He’s morally bankrupt, and cash rich.

Both of these can be proved by his $4.8 MILLION in profit via “retainer and consulting fees” from a Chinese energy company in 2017 and 2018.

That’s right.

Hunter was paid almost $5,000,000 to be a CONSULTANT for an energy company.

He knows NOTHING about energy.

So what was he doing there?

Simple, being Joe Biden’s son.

People want to know what the big deal about Hunter Biden’s laptop is.

Well, that laptop PROVES that Hunter was shopping his status as Joe’s son for quite a bit of money, promising to put a good word in old dad’s ear for the fatcats that were paying him millions to do NOTHING.

So what’s this got to do with Joe?

Well not only was he completely aware of what Hunter was doing, he probably participated.

Let that sink in.

Imagine if this story would have broken before the 2020 election…

No wonder liberals never wanted to admit the truth…

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