China Surrenders – I Knew This Would Happen, Trump Won…

China just surrendered. Trump supporters knew this would happen soon, and now the victory is within his grasp. The president played hardball and it’s paying off.

In a nasty attempt to make America hurt after being blacklisted over national security concerns, Huawei, the massive Chinese tech firm, is planning to let go hundreds of U.S. employees. China knows Trump is serious and they are floundering.

The Chinese are learning one thing: Never underestimate Trump. His administration’s blacklisting of Huawei wasn’t just a play to bring China to the table on trade negotiations, though that could be an added perk. Trump is not messing around.

For too long, the Chinese have been accused of hacking the United States. A report from late 2018 quoted National Security Agency official Rob Joyce on the matter, and the threat cannot be ignored.

“You worry they are prepositioning against critical infrastructure and trying to be able to do the types of disruptive operations that would be the most concern,” said Joyce.

This is exactly why Trump decided to make the bold move to blacklist Huawei. If the Chinese are targeting our “critical infrastructure” through cyberattacks, then their largest tech company cannot go unchecked.

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