BREAKING: DOJ Kill Notice Reveals Urgent China Spy Warning – America On High Alert

Just two weeks after the Justice Department ended its program to thwart Chinese spies, the U.S. intelligence community warned Congress that China’s espionage efforts pose a major threat to America’s economic and national security.

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines submitted the intelligence community’s annual assessment of worldwide threats to the House Intelligence Committee.

Included was Chinese espionage, deemed just two weeks ago by the Biden administration as not important enough to set aside American resources to prevent.

The statement read that “China will remain the top threat to U.S. technological competitiveness as Beijing targets key sectors and proprietary commercial and military technology from U.S. and allied companies and institutions. Beijing uses a variety of tools, from public investment to espionage, to advance its technological capabilities.”

Now the only real question that remains is who is the real villain here? Chinese espionage or Joe Biden’s decision-making?

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