BREAKING: China ATTACKS Sports Legend – America FURIOUS…

You never want to be considered a primary enemy of the Chinese government.

But that’s exactly what’s happened to all 5’7″ of Bob Costas recently, the Chinese government’s new biggest foe.

You see, Costas blasted the International Olympic Committee for having the Olympics in China what seems like every few years. We know what the Chinese government does to its people, how it restricts free press, how it controls its citizens.

But the IOC doesn’t care. To them, it’s all about the money baby. Human rights violations be damned.

Costas told it like it was, and China didn’t like it.

Speaking through the government-run newspaper the Global Times, China blasted Costas for bringing up China’s woeful record on freedom of the press.

“Costas may ignorantly believe that he can represent the world,” the Global Times hit back, “Arrogance, prejudice, rude – all the negative words seem accurate to describe him. No educated person would use such irrational words on the IOC. The Olympic Games is an international event with maximum coordination between athletes and sports officials from most countries worldwide. It is far more authoritative and reliable than a commentator who talks nonsense about the IOC.”

The Global Times then conducted the ultimate bit of irony, demanding that Costas keep sports and politics separate.

Sorry China, you’ve taught us that’s not possible.

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