BREAKING: China Launches Attack At White House – Biden Shocked

China’s Global Times is a state-run newspaper. That means that whatever is printed in the publication is coming straight from the Chinese government, make no mistake about it.

So when the Global Times mocks President Joe Biden, it’s not some cartoonist in a cubicle. It’s the entire Chinese government endorsing the message.

In an article about the glories of communism and the dangers of a democracy, China pointed out all of Biden’s campaign lies back in 2020, the general point being that how can public elections really work if the winning candidates are just fraudsters anyway?

Obviously democracy is better than what China is currently doing, but they raise an interesting point. Should there be consequences for the lies Biden told on the campaign trial? I don’t agree with many aspects of communism, but this might be one of them.

As a presidential candidate last year, Biden promised to “shut down the virus.” By December, the old man’s singing a different tune, saying there’s “no federal solution” to COVID.

Does anybody else see the problem with this? I feel like we shouldn’t need a communist newspaper across the world to tell us we’re dealing with some serious snakes in people like Joe Biden.

Tell the truth, Joe. America, nor China apparently, will tolerate anything less.

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