BREAKING: Shooter Takes Out 22 People – Major City In SHOCK

Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to see some of the worst bloodshed in American history within the confines of her city, all the while blaming conservatives and calling them racist for the chaos erupting within her own city.

Last weekend alone, 22 people were shot in Chicago. Three of them have already died.

It was even a more violent weekend than the previous one, which saw only 17 people get shot, with three of them being pronounced deceased since then.

Maybe someday soon Lori Lightfoot will stop blaming us for the streets of her city running red with the blood of its citizens and realize that liberals have been in charge in Chicago for years and years and years. If there are bad policies in Chicago, it’s because her people made them.

Instead of accept that fact, take responsibility, and try to make some positive change; Lightfoot has done the complete opposite. The people in her city are suffering because of it.

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