CHARGES FILED – Biden Family Devastated

Charges were just filed and the Biden family is devastated. They never expected this to happen — they thought political connections and raw power would protect them.

According to reports, James Biden, the brother of Joe Biden, is now the centerpiece in a lawsuit that could do serious damage to the former vice president’s already floundering presidential campaign. This is huge.

James Biden is being accused by Azzam Medical Services and Diverse Medical Management of enlisting “help from Joe in order to bleed their funds and steal their business model,” according to One America News Network (OAN).

In short, it is yet another example of the Biden family’s long history of mixing politics and business — cronyism has been their modus operandi for years and now it is catching up with them.

Of course, James Biden has denied all of the charges, and Joe Biden has remained completely silent up to this point. The chances of him speaking out are practically non-existent; he doesn’t want to bring his brother directly into his campaign.

However, it won’t be long before Biden’s presidential campaign comes crashing down anyway. Democrats are trending even further left, as evidenced by the rise in Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. And Americans don’t want him as president.

Read the full story here.

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