BREAKING: Famous Celebrity Dies Suddenly… It’s Tragic

An actor who played one of the most iconic characters of all time just passed away. Any fan of military movies will instantly recognize the now deceased movie drill sergeant of epic proportions.

R. Lee Ermey, the man who played Gunny (Gunnery Sergeant Hartman) from Full Metal Jacket, died at age 74. Ermey’s face and voice are instantly recognizable because he was a genuine, one-of-a-kind actor.

Ermey’s legacy, through his portrayal of Gunny, will be forever memorialized in that always classic film. Rest in peace, Gunny. (Read More…)

Justice Neil Gorsuch hires first Native American clerk in Supreme Court history

Just last week President Trump appointed the first African-American female general of the Marine Corps, a momentous event. And now another conservative, Justice Gorsuch, has made a precedent-setting decision.

Gorsuch has announced that the first appointment of a Native American clerk in the 229 years of the Court’s existence. And yet all we hear about is how conservatives, like Gorsuch, are racists, sexists, and whatever else they want to make up.

Will the media remember this in more than a day or two? No way. (Read More…)

Former first lady Barbara Bush in ‘failing health,’ will not seek further treatment

More tragic news, unfortunately. Barbara Bush, George H.W. Bush’s wife  G.W. and Jeb Bush’s mother, is in dire straits.  After battling cancer for years, she’s decided to stop seeking treatment at the age of 92.

Her sons may have gone a bit too far to the left in recent years, but she is a tough woman who has been nothing short of an incredible American matriarch. I hope her remaining time is pleasant and peaceful.

It would be well deserved after all these years of service to her country. (Read More…)

Ohio’s Speaker of the House resigns amid growing corruption scandal

How many corrupt politicians can we discover in one year? It seems endless. Unfortunately, the latest suspect is a Republican from Ohio

Cliff Rosenberger is Speaker of the House in Ohio, is currently under FBI investigation for some expensive trips he took on the taxpayer dime. Rosenberger has resigned rather than tarnish the party while the investigation is ongoing.

We’ll have to see what the investigation finds, but at least he made the right decision in resigning. (Read More…)

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