BREAKING: CDC REVERSES Virus Recommendation – America No Longer…

Real Americans probably weren’t going to listen for much longer. In fact, most of us stopped (many) months ago. But it’s still nice to hear the fat cats at the top admit the propaganda they were spreading early last year when the virus was first taking hold in America was complete baloney.

On December 27, the Center for Disease Control did exactly that.

The Biden administration still doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the American public on these issues though. Yes, we want to be cautious and make sure as few lives as possible are taken by COVID, but most Americans aren’t willing to give up the freedom that this country was founded on so that Fauci can tell us who to eat breakfast with.

Some things are American. Major league baseball, apple pie, trucks with really big wheels, and college football gameday, to name a few. But overreaching government restrictions? Well, that ain’t it, Joe.

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