CASE DISMISSED – Trump Beat Them All…

Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC)  is introducing a measure to condemn and dismiss the Democrat impeachment inquiry in the senate without a trial.

When all is said and done Trump will have beat all challengers. The political hit job the Democrats have been carrying out has been a disgrace to the nation.

Graham hasn’t stopped at condemning the House Democrats’ actions, he made it clear he will do everything to have any charges dismissed when they come to the Senate.

The Democrat impeachment inquiry has been carried out in secret, locked away from the American people. Democrats have nothing on Trump and can only keep up the sham via secrecy.

Contrary to predictions from Never Trumpers like Joe Walsh and Bill Kristol, most Republicans stand firmly behind the president.

The Democrats tried and failed to undermine our Republic and unseat a democratically elected president, and they need to be held accountable for this attempted coup.

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