Career Notice: Nancy Pelosi Is Finished – It’s Over

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi just received a devastating career notice, and she’s finished. Her reign could finally be over.

On Tucker Carlson’s popular Fox News show, Richard Goodstein, a longtime Clinton adviser, tried to bail Pelosi out of her tough spot. But it’s clear that she’s losing her grip on an increasingly radicalized party.

The current point of contention: Whether to impeach President Trump. For all of Pelosi’s own extremism, she has remained more nuanced on the subject. However, rising party stars like Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez want blood.

“Democrats are in the majority because of all the districts that went from red to blue. AOC’s district went from blue to bluer. Nancy Pelosi is speaker because of the red-to-blue people,” claimed Goodstein, trying to explain.

He continued: “The biggest bloc of the House Democrats are the pro-business New Democrats — 101 of them — more than there are progressives, more than the Black Caucus.”

Does this mean Pelosi will be safe, then? Hardly. Despite Goldstein’s attempts to sugarcoat Pelosi’s situation, the truth is that the Democratic Party is lurching towards full-on socialism. Not even she can stop it.

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