BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign BOMBSHELL – GOP Is…

To put it blunty, the Republican National Committee (RNC) isn’t scared. They’ve heard the rumors of a presidential run from previous loser Hillary Clinton and know it doesn’t signal a power-move, it signals desperation.

RNC chairwoman Ronna McDaniel recently appeared on Fox News Channel to talk about the possibility of Clinton coming out of retirement.

“How desperate are the Democrats,” McDaniel asked, if Hillary is the best they can do after Joe Biden has been “such a bad president.”

“Let’s recycle the worst candidate we have ever had in our party’s history because Joe Biden is actually turning out to be such a bad president that we’ve got to go back to Hillary? Their bench is so weak that they’re going back to Hillary Clinton. I think she is probably looking at it because Biden is in a lot of trouble. A Fox News poll said 60% of Americans said they wouldn’t vote for Biden again, so the Democrats are desperate, and they are looking to Hillary, I guess.”

McDaniel does think, however, that the left’s best shot in 2024 would be something other than putting up the current two hooligans for reelection.

“Yeah, that’s great. Go for it. We hope they run again,” McDaniel said, responding to a question about another Biden/Harris ticket in 2024. “That’s going to make sure that we elect a Republican in 2024. Look what they have done to this country. Our country is struggling. Americans are worse off than they were just a year ago with inflation, with rising gas prices, with an open border, with a drug crisis, with what we are seeing in Russia. I mean, on every single level, Biden has been a failure, and the American people absolutely are looking for a change in leadership.”

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