BREAKING: Democrats Nailed In Election Bribery Scandal – America Stunned

Democrats are starting to realize that they’re on pretty flimsy ground right now. Their logic has been under attack since Joe Biden entered office and the sad truth for America is that the liberals are failing the country.

So they’ve abandoned all logic, and just set their sights on getting the laziest 51% of America to vote for them.

Stimulus. Welfare. Aid. Infrastructure.

Whatever you want to call it, their plan is simple: buy votes. Give out so much free money that people can’t afford NOT to vote for them.

The only problem is, they’re doing it through policies, which is essentially legal bribery. But the heart of the matter is exactly the same.

Senator John Corynyn, a Republican from Texas, thinks that Republicans need to do a “better job” of explaining how expensive the policies liberals are trying to pass really are.

“We need to do a better job of explaining what’s in the package, because we’ve been watching as spectators to see if they can make it across this high wire that they’re walking on.”

The problem is, Joe. Logic doesn’t work on liberals, so will it work on liberal voters? Yeah, the plan is expensive, but they’re not the ones paying for it… That’s the problem.

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6 Responses

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  2. Unless the democrats forego cheating and fraud in the 2022 election, like they did in the 2020 presidential election, Republicans can and will win in the mid term elections. But knowing and having experienced the 2020 cheat and steal election, i still think they will cheat even yet again.
    That is the democrats MO. And they are so power and greed hungry, they will stoop to a low level again.

  3. Get rid of him now not the next presidential election. He still can do more damage. Hasn’t enough damage already been done to America and other countries because of him. Get rid of the donkey ASAP if not sooner. It not fun living anymore. Every day you worry what damage are he and his cronies going to do now. When are you going to wake up

  4. Commifirnias newsom is giving away billions in”stimulus” money.
    I have yet to see a penny,from the first, or this second bribery payment.
    I can’t help but wonder if being registered”R” has anything to do with it,🤔

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