BREAKING: NFL Race Scandal EXPLODES – Here’s What Really Happening…

Brian Flores is an American football coach who last led the Miami Dolphins from 2019 to 2021.

He compiled a losing record during that time, going 24-25 in 49 games before getting fired.

Instead of take responsibility for his losing record that caused him to get canned, Flores started kicking and screaming like liberals love to do, accusing the National Football League of being racist against black coaches.

Apparently, he met business because he hired a law team and sued the NFL.

There’s just one problem: the firm he hired is all-white.

So why would a man who apparently believes this strongly that black coaches are being discriminated against hire zero black people to represent him?

Could it be because he just went with the best available option without looking at the lawyers’ skin colors? If he was allowed to do that, why isn’t he giving the NFL the same grace?

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