Bret Baier Confirms The Rumors – I Knew It

Host of “Special Report” Bret Baier said during his show Tuesday that the Mueller testimony in Congress on Wednesday could get messy if lawmakers try to use the event to “make a campaign commercial for back home.”

Baier said he thought Mueller would stick to his script during his remarks, but that lawmakers would want to try to twist things to benefit their agendas. Democrats would focus on the possible obstruction contained in the report even though Trump was not charged with any crime, while Republicans would focus on the origin of the investigation, looking for evidence that the entire investigation was unjustified.

A letter from Attorney General William Barr warned Mueller to stick to the same information that was in the report. Later, Barr said that Mueller had requested the letter.

The Mueller report said that Trump couldn’t be charged with any crimes as a result of information found within it, but Democrats have tried to say that Trump has done wrong. Some have called for impeachment.

Mueller seemed to leave the door open for impeachment in comments he made in a press conference after the report came out, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has so far declined to move against Trump.

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