BREAKING: Zuckerberg Biden Conspiracy BOMBSHELL – Evidence Links Them To…

With only a few days left before the November 3 election, another bombshell has dropped — and this one has exposed a disturbing connection between Facebook’s CEO and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“Last week, Breitbart News reported on Anna Makanju, Facebook’s global policy manager for content regulation, who advised Joe Biden on Ukraine policy during his time as vice president,” noted Breitbart, but it “goes even deeper than that.”

Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed before a Senate committee that he wasn’t aware that one of his top executives, Makanju, used to work for Biden. If this is true, he doesn’t have a handle on his own company.

But no one believes his claim. Furthermore, another controversial connection has come up: the Ukrainian energy firm, Burisma. “Makanju, in addition to her work for Facebook, is a senior fellow” with The Atlantic Council, wrote Breitbart.

According to the report, The Atlantic Council and Burisma “would go on to organize international energy conferences together, one of which featured Hunter Biden as a speaker,” per an agreement between the two companies.

This provides the necessary context for the censoring of the New York Post story about the Biden family’s connections to the Ukraine and Burisma. In fact, as a driving force behind Facebook’s content regulation, there is no way Makanju wasn’t intimately involved.

Read the full story here.

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