BREAKING: Zuckerberg ATTACKED – Nation Stunned

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was just attacked. Millions of Americans across the nation are stunned — no one expected this to happen, and it came from the least likely source. People can’t believe it.

Left-wing actor Sasha Baron Cohen — coming off the release of his Borat sequel with Amazon — openly attacked Zuckerberg on social media and called for him to be ousted from the company. The reason is about as crazy as one can imagine.

On Twitter, Cohen posted a photograph of Zuckerberg and a recently-elected President Donald Trump from a few years ago. He included the message, “One down. One to go.” Given the context, this can only mean one thing.

With the presumed win of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, Cohen’s dream of defeating Trump may have come to pass. Now, he wants Zuckerberg to leave Facebook because he apparently doesn’t censor people enough.

You read that correctly. In fact, Cohen has accused Zuckerberg of being a “naive, misguided child who spreads Nazi propaganda,” decrying that “fake news outperforms real news” on the social media platform.

Ironically enough, Facebook censors millions of people regularly — especially conservatives simply sharing their ideas, not to mention Trump himself. What Cohen really hates is free speech; he wants a liberal echo chamber instead.

Read the full story here.

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