BREAKING: Zelenskyy Finally Drops Bombshell – Free World Stunned At The Sight Of…

President Volodymyr Zelensky blasted NATO, calling them “weak” for refusing to enforce a no-fly zone in Ukraine.

Zelensky said NATO will have to carry responsibility for Ukrainian deaths that will occur as a result of their refusal to enforce a no-fly zone.

“Speaking at a public press conference, the Ukrainian president branded a recent NATO summit on the war in Ukraine ‘weak’ and ‘confused’ and evidence that ‘not everyone considers the struggle for freedom to be Europe’s number one goal,'” reports Breitbart News.

“Knowing that new strikes and casualties are inevitable, NATO deliberately decided NOT to close the sky over Ukraine,” Zelensky said.

“We believe that NATO countries themselves have created a narrative that the closure of the sky over Ukraine would provoke Russia’s direct aggression against NATO. This is self-hypnosis. Of those who are weak, underconfident,” he said.

“All the people who will die starting from this day will also die because of you. Because of your weakness. Because of your disunity,” Zelensky added.

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