BREAKING: Zelensky Confirms Rumors – Putin Is….

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said during an interview on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” that Ukraine requires more weapons from the United States to stop Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Zelensky believes that if the United States gives Ukraine what it needs, it can force Putin to come to the negotiating table. Rumors suggest this invasion has already cost Russia too much in blood and money.

During the interview, Zelensky told Fox News host Bret Baier, “Powerful weapons are needed. Heavy weapons will give us an opportunity to talk with them at the negotiation table.”

Zelensky went on to say, “Give us airplanes. You cannot give us F-18 or F-19 or whatever you have. Give us the old Soviet planes. That’s all. Give them into my hands. Give me something to defend my country with, my state.”

Ukraine has received a massive outpouring of support from the international community in both weapons and supplies as the war is dragging on into its second month.

Zelensky needs to be able to hit Russian forces hard enough to cripple morale and sap support for the war in Russia, and he needs the United States to help him do that. The question is what will it cost us if we help Zelensky strike back at a nuclear power.

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