BREAKING: YouTube SILENCES Medical Doctor – America Stunned

YouTube — which is owned by Google, by the way — just silenced a prominent medical doctor. Millions of Americans nationwide are stunned.

“Very disturbing news: YouTube has pulled an episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report and issued a ‘warning’ that any more violations will result in our not being able to put up more programs,” said Dr. Ron Paul on Twitter.

Paul, a former Texas congressman and father to Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), also noted that his video “was a news report on a Trump rally – they said it is ‘medical misinformation.'” This should alarm everyone.

The problem with social media platforms run by the big tech giants of Google, Twitter, and Facebook, is that their so-called “rules” are subjective, malleable, and politically motivated.

There is a reason why Silicon Valley rolled out the proverbial red carpet for Joe Biden. Big tech wants to control the access to information and Biden is going to help them. It is about the suppression of ideas, plain and simple.

This is also why Trump has vigorously pushed for the repeal of Section 230, which gives social media platforms special privileges, such as near immunity from being sued. Congress must act now.

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