BREAKING: William Barr DID IT – Shock Decision Announced

After Attorney General Bill Barr ordered federal executions to resume, the Supreme Court halted them in a shocking decision.

The Trump administration had requested a continuation for capital punishment but the Supreme Court decided an appellate court needs to review the decision first.

Barr wanted capital punishment reinstated to punish severe federal crimes. In one example, Barr wanted to enforce the sentence of an avowed white supremacist who killed a family of three back in 1996.

Capital punishment enjoys a roughly 50% support rate by Americans which is down from nearly 80% back in the 1990’s.

Despite the decline, it’s worth noting that in this divided political age, a 50% support rate is impressive.

President Trump made it clear he wanted change, and the judicial system has been an obstacle to his agenda from Day One. And regardless of your stance on the issue itself, it’s a major problem when unelected judges take it on themselves to frustrate the agenda of a democratically elected president.

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