BREAKING: Wildfire REVERSAL – America In Chaos

Former Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson went on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Friday and said that California’s wildfires are proof that global warming is the “number one threat to our nation.”

When asked by host Joe Scarborough what he viewed as the greatest threat, Johnson said, “I have to say the number one threat to our nation and to our world is global warming. And it’s a threat, as we see in California right now and it’s a threat because we are failing to address it.”

California’s fire season started early and is in full swing as the state blazes, already burning through more than 2 million acres, and with a possible 40-50 days left in the cycle.

Johnson failed to point out that the number one way to combat the impact of climate change on forests is to manage them with prescribed burning, logging, and maintenance of utility roads through the forests. California has been suffering from forest mismanagement that has led to these large and devestating infernos.

California and parts of Oregon and Washington have always been dry regions that are at risk for fire. The crushing environmental regulations that prevent forest thinning are a greater factor in these fires.

Of course, for many, it is easier to blame the boogeyman that is global warming instead of tackling the actual cause behind the worsening blazes in the west.

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