BREAKING: White House Tragedy – Melania Trump Has Been…

Yet again, the Washington Post has seen fit to ridicule First Lady Melania Trump because they have an irrational hatred for her husband.

Post fashion editor Robin Givhan called the first lady’s coat in a White House Christmas photo shoot “ridiculous” and said she was “exud[ing] cold, dismissive aloofness” by wearing it draped around her shoulders.

I guess they miss the previous first lady’s jeans and sneakers. So elegant and stylish.

Fashion being the entirely subjective and made-up thing that it is, they were going to criticize her no matter what she wore. I mean, Michelle Obama could have worn a flour sack and they would probably rave about how unique it was and put it on the cover of Vogue.

Melania Trump knows she’s beautiful and elegant, and so does the Washington Post, whether they admit it or not. If the fashion scene wants to shun her because of her husband, that’s their loss.


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