BREAKING: White House REVERSES – Americans Furious

The White House just reversed course and millions of Americans are furious. President Joe Biden has enraged the very people who elected him.

According to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Biden “doesn’t favor $50,000 in student loan relief without limitation.” She issued this announcement at a recent press conference when asked by a reporter.

Prominent leftists — such as Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) — are freaking out. They feel blindsided by the announcement.

In fact, Sanders, how now chairs the Senate Budget Committee (cue the laugh track), wants to push through legislation without any Republican input whatsoever. This would be a terribly divisive move.

Conservatives know that student loan forgiveness is something American taxpayers cannot afford. Secondly, millions of Americans didn’t attend traditional college. Why should they be forced to pay for others’ student loans?

Taking out a student loan is a choice. A bailout would only set the precedent for it to happen again one day — just like all bailouts do. The farmer in Texas shouldn’t have to bail out the rich Harvard graduate.

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