BREAKING: White House NAILS Comey – Trump Smiling

The White House is on former FBI director James Comey’s trail after new documents reveal disturbing facts about his handling of the Gen. Flynn investigation. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said what they have found about the FBI “should scare every American citizen.”

The case of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has exposed Comey and the FBI and confirmed fears that many have had for years.

The facts are clear: James Comey directed the FBI to mislead Flynn in an effort to get him either fired or prosecuted for lying to the FBI.

One of the two FBI agents directed to talk to Flynn without a lawyer present was Peter Strzok. Strzok is the same agent who was exposed for blatant political bias against the President while working in the Mueller investigation.

The entire case suggests that the FBI has too much power and too little accountability. The last few years we have seen multiple scandals exposing the FBI for their political motivations.

There could very well be consequences on the way. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said, “It’s been interesting to watch, and if all of this proves to be true, you will have, certainly, a major, major error on the part of top leadership at the FBI, which could well warrant additional charges against them.”

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