BREAKING: White House GUN BAN Notice… It’s Official

President Donald Trump said in an interview with Piers Morgan that he didn’t think assault rifles should be banned because many Americans use them for “entertainment” such as going to the gun range to shoot or for hunting, according to The Washinton TImes.

Morgan lamented the high rate of shooting deaths in America compared to other countries including Britain where there were only 35 gun deaths in 2018. Trump wasn’t having any of it from the British journalist, however.

“But Piers, in London you have stabbings all over, I read an article where everyone is being stabbed,” Trump said on Good Morning Britain. Trump also pointed out that if someone had a gun “on the other side” of a shooting, it wouldn’t have happened or been as severed.

Morgan suggested having special licenses for hunters so that they could have guns, but Trump didn’t want to see any further restrictions.

Morgan did give Trump credit for instituting a bump stock ban after a mass shooting where the shooter had used one.

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