BREAKING: White House FIRES Them – Kamala Harris Gets…

President Biden’s White House revealed that several staffers were let go over past pot use, raising questions about Vice President Kamala Harris and her admitted past use of marijuana.

During an interview with a radio program hosted by DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne tha God, then-candidate Kamala Harris said, “I have [smoked marijuana]. And I inhaled. I did inhale. I think it gives a lot of people joy. And we need more joy in the world.”

She also supported legalizing marijuana at the federal level, but despite all that, the Biden White House is building a very anti-pot culture.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that five staffers had been let go for past marijuana use, citing that it is still illegal at the federal level to use marijuana. It was not specified if those staffers had used marijuana during their time working in the White House.

Strangely, Psaki went on to assure that the administration had changed its hiring procedures so that previous use of marijuana would not be a disqualifying factor.

The culture that is being created at the White House is inconsistent and at odds with the supposedly progressive doctrine that the Biden administration claims to embrace. As a low-level staffer, you can expect to get the boot for doing something that the Vice President has admitted to doing and continues to advocate for.

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6 Responses

  1. Take away her driving privileges for a year, fine her $2,000, fire her, and put her in jail for a few weeks. It happens to people all the time. Just because she’s a politician doesn’t make her special when it comes to marijuana laws, no matter how insane they are. Don’t like the laws??? Then get your buddies change them.

    Welcome to the world of average Americans!

  2. The hypocrisy of this regime of the Biden crime family is preposterous. If the staff is terminated because of a prior history of marijuana use then that same standard needs to be applied to Vice Chairman Harris

  3. And if it is found that the reason why they legalized marijuana for public use and not federal use was to keep everyone else out of politics, then they should all be arrested for tyranny. That was per agenda.

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