BREAKING: White House Drops The Hammer – John Bolton Furious

The White House just dropped the hammer. Former national security advisor John Bolton is furious — he never expected this to happen. His plan to destroy President Donald Trump has backfired.

For months now, Bolton has been trying to get his suspiciously-timed book released, but the possibility of releasing classified information has renewed the White House’s fight against him.

White House deputy counsel John Eisenberg recently wrote to Bolton’s attorney, Charles Cooper, that “the unauthorized disclosure of classified information could be exploited by a foreign power.”

Eisenberg said this would cause “significant harm to the national security of the United States,” and reminded Bolton that he signed nondisclosure agreements” and is aware of the risks.

Of course, Bolton’s attorney has brushed off the White House’s grave concerns “as a pretext to censor Mr. Bolton,” which is an absurd accusation. National security is on the line here.

It appears that Bolton cares far more about scoring election-year points with the Deep State and liberals than he does about protecting our country. Trump was entirely right to fire him.

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