BREAKING: White House Coronavirus EXPLODES – Trump Is Now..

There is growing concern about coronavirus in the White House as two staffers, an assistant to Ivanka Trump, and 11 Secret Service personnel have tested positive for the virus in the last week.

In addition, Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary Katie Miller has also tested positive for the virus. Her husband Steve is a close adviser to the president.

President Donald Trump and Pence are tested daily for the virus and both continue to test negative.

“We have put in place the guidelines our experts have put forward to keep this building safe,” White House press secretary Kaleigh McEnany said. “All of the recommended guidelines we have for businesses that have essential workers were now putting in place here in the White House, so as America reopens safely the White House is continuing to operate safely.”

Trump has been pushing to reopen the economy in recent weeks, but one senior official stressed that these numerous recent infections in those close to Trump and Pence show the need for caution. “In the span of hours, the coronavirus task force was likely exposed, the vice president was definitely exposed, and a top health official can’t come into the office,” the official said. “It’s a textbook case of why we can’t rush to re-open.”

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