BREAKING: White House Bombshell – Trump Is Out

President Trump is officially out – he will not be participating in next week’s House Judiciary Committee hearings. It seems that Trump doesn’t want to lend any more legitimacy to the impeachment inquiry.

White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham elaborated saying, “We’re not going to participate in a sham hearing that doesn’t give him any rights. They get to choose all kinds of things. They keep moving the goalposts, moving the rules.”

At this point, the best option Trump has is to wait until impeachment moves to the Senate. There the Democrats will have no power.

Grisham is right when she says “They keep moving the goalposts.” The narrative has changed several times about why Trump needs to be impeached.

The whistleblower who started everything has been all but forgotten as Democrats have been shifting to talk of bribery and obstruction.

Impeachment will move to the Senate, and when it does Trump will truly be able to defend himself.

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