BREAKING: White House Bombshell – Huge Kellyanne Conway Decision

News is spreading like wildfire nationwide about a White House bombshell. President Trump’s counselor, Kellyanne Conway, has made a huge decision. She just did it.

Appearing on ‘Fox & Friends,’ Conway previewed Trump’s speech to the United Nations General Assembly — and she decided to enrage anti-Trump Democrats in the process.

“He’s a big fan of sovereignty and independence for nations … but he will always put the policies and the priorities of America, America’s people, American interest, first,” she said.

Conway was responding to a host mentioning that last time Trump appeared before the U.N., he talked about ‘America First’ and many people did not care for that message. She said, “America first does not mean America alone.”

She then made it clear that Trump’s number one priority is America and outlined his accomplishments. “Look at what he’s been able to do across this globe in such a short time,” Conway said.

“Getting some of those NATO members to cough up more of the dues,” she continued. “He’s trying denuclearize the Korean Penninsula. He’s trying to bring peace and prosperity to other nations if they’re willing.”

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