BREAKING: White House Attack – Trump Family STUNNED

News just broke about a White House attack. The Trump family is stunned and millions of Americans want to know what happened. One eye-witness saw it all unfold and chose to tell his story.

In a powerful video, Georgia Rep. Vernon Jones, a Democrat supporter of President Trump, recounted a terrifying attack by a left-wing mob as he departed the White House on the last night of the Republican National Convention (RNC).

“I’m just here just thinking about — and playing over and over again in my mind about what happened when we left the White House after the president had given this great speech on his record,” said Jones in his video.

Trump explained “what he had accomplished for this country in the first four years and what he wanted to do for America in the next four years, only to be met by a violent mob of supporters of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” continued Jones.

Jones’ video has now been retweeted over 32,000 times and liked nearly 80,000 times. According to statistics on the video, it has been viewed 810,500 times and counting. And he isn’t going to back down in the face of liberal bullying.

He was met with exactly that in the comments on his video. Echoing the bigoted words of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, one Democrat told Jones “you ain’t black” for supporting Trump. May God bless and protect Jones for his stand.

Read the full story here.

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