BREAKING: Whiney Democrats Act Like Whiney Democrats – Can We All Laugh At Them Together?

Twenty-two of the Texas Democrat state lawmakers who fled the state to deny the legislature a quorum are now suing Governor Greg Abbott for causing them “anxiety,” “distress” and “embarrassment.”

The suit was filed Monday, the last day of the legislative special session the lawmakers were trying to avoid.

Abbott said the lawmakers would be arrested when they re-entered the state and compelled to attend the votes for several pieces of legislation, including voting reform that will tighten up loopholes and make it harder to cheat.

Although the first session is ending, another one will begin on Tuesday, and it is illegal for lawmakers to deliberately not show up for votes.

The lawmakers claimed that they have been “deprived of liberty” and separated from their families by the threats of arrest, and also that their “reputations” have been “impaired.” But it seems to me that they did all that themselves when they broke the law and left the state.

Read the full story here.

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