BREAKING: WAR – Mike Pompeo Makes THE Announcement

Mike Pompeo made a big announcement about Venezuela on Wednesday. The United States is ready for war to take down socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro, the secretary of state said.

President Trump is not pulling any punches here. The White House is “crystal clear” that military action is an option if Maduro won’t step down peacefully.

“The president has been crystal clear and incredibly consistent — military action is possible — if that’s what’s required — that’s what the United States will do,” Pompeo said.

Interim president Guiado has called on Venezuelans to rise up and take their country back from Maduro, who is cracking down on his people like all dictators do. Pro-Maduro forces shot at protesters on Tuesday plowed into a crowd with a truck.

Maduro’s getting help from the Cubans, and U.S. intelligence is suspicious that Russia is propping him up too. Pompeo is going to meet with Russia to hold them accountable for their meddling. Meanwhile, Trump has taken steps to punish Cuba if they don’t stop helping Maduro, and “there are more that we will continue to work on” to counter Cuba and Russia, Pompeo said.

Trump must be the worst Russian puppet ever. As for Venezuela, the United States has made Maduro’s options pretty clear.

“We are trying to do everything we can to avoid violence … We’d prefer a peaceful transition of government there where (President Nicolas) Maduro leaves and a new election is held,” he said.

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