BREAKING: War Declaration Shocks Nation – Trump Is…

A declaration of war just shocked the entire nation. President Donald Trump and Americans across the country are being targeted — there are radical forces trying to destroy all of us.

“These were bizarre speeches over the weekend,” said the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin. “These were inflammatory, hateful, a-historic, going to war with fellow Americans.”

Rubin, of course, was referring to Trump — and she appeared on MSNBC to push her dishonest, anti-Trump message about the speeches he gave over the Independence Day weekend.

As the resident ‘Republican’ of the left-leaning newspaper, Rubin has spent much of her time since Trump’s election bashing him endlessly; it must be why the WaPo keeps her around.

Between her columns and appearances on the liberal media circuit, such as this week’s MSNBC hit, Rubin is considered a card-carrying member of the ‘Never Trump’ branch of the GOP.

Rubin even went so far as to allege that Trump “is basically playing to that core group of voters who thrive on racial grievance, on resentment, on fear.” This is what she thinks about Trump supporters. Sad.

Read the full story here.

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