BREAKING: War Announcement Shocks America – Biden Confirms…

An announcement about war just shocked the entire nation. Americans are reeling after President Joe Biden confirmed it.

“President Biden could be an advocate for small businesses like candidate Biden was but he is beholden to his left-wing base,” said President and CEO of Job Creators Network Alfredo Ortiz. He liked Biden’s actions to “a war on small business.”

“Republicans in Congress and centrist Democrats must resist this lurch toward socialism,” Ortiz continued. His organization is also doing something about it through high-level advocacy.

Recently, the Job Creators Network took out a massive billboard in Times Square with the following message: “Biden wants to raise taxes on small businesses? Hell no! Not on our watch!”

Now that is sure to get someone’s attention, especially in the heart of New York City. Biden should take notice as well and realize that his plan to raise taxes is only going to kill jobs and businesses.

However, as Ortiz stated, Biden is being controlled by the far-left — he does their bidding and, like a puppet, doesn’t seem to have a mind of his own. Americans need to speak out.

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5 Responses

  1. We all knew that when he was running for his so called job. But people wouldn’t and won’t listen. Or se what is right in front of their faces. But as Liberals have told us and told me I’m stupid and the rest of the country is also. So what we’re supposed to do. Is what our parents told us shut up we’re to be seen and not heard and only speak when they speak to us. That has been te Liberals attitude for over now two centuries. They have told us we’re too stupid to understand what is right and wrong. I’d say more but I’m gettin’ pissed.

  2. Anyone who didn’t know Joe and the Ho were all talk have never paid attention to the careers. For nearly 50 years, Joe was all talk and when he did it came from both sides of his mouth. Kommie’la spent her time sleeping to the top. As DA for San Fran she took unusual pleasure in locking up minorities which continued to her AG of Cali term. It was as AG that she won the honor of keeping wrongly convicted people in jail. This while campaigning to reduce recidivism (hard to not recommit when your life has been destroyed in a wrongful conviction). We have too many Neo-Marxists in positions of power.

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